KlickPay is impeccably secure and insanely simple

The safe and secure way to pay online without revealing your card details

What is KlickPay?

KlickPay aims to create India’s safest platform where buyers can pay online in a safe and secure way. Whether you wish to do online shopping or pay your bills, KlickPay provides a seamless payment system. We protect your credit/debit card details by encrypting sensitive information including credit/debit card numbers and expiry dates. After coming aboard with us, you can forget all your worries regarding your money as we do our best to process your payment securely.

KlickPay works as the perfect payment service provider for merchants. We partner with acquiring banks to give merchants the ability to accept payments. Moreover, our impeccable payments security system ensures you stay assured at all times.


Get access to millions of customers

24*7 payment security

No hidden costs


Single platform for all your online payments

100% secure payments process

Amazing rewards